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Xilloc Medical

To meet the market demand outside the MUMC+, the new company Xilloc Medical BV has been developed on the premises of Maastricht Instruments BV. The company will set out to revolutionise the implant industry with the fast and reliable production of patient-specific implants to fix bone defects in the human skull. Xilloc Medical will bridge the gap between surgeons and their patient-specific solutions through its innovative online ordering system and experienced team of medical and technical specialists. The company’s approach of a total implant solution will save hospitals and insurers large amounts of money, and because this procedure ensures that the implant fits all the time, every time, patients will have to undergo fewer operations. Prominent players in the field of cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction have already claimed that having patient-specific implants at their fingertips will herald a revolution.

Bezoekadres: Oxfordlaan 70, 6229 EV  Maastricht


T   043 – 388 5833

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