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Biopartner Center Maastricht

Biopartner Center Maastricht is a life sciences incubator - a seed bed for companies engaged in the field of life sciences. It offers a high-quality multiple-company building for starters and established businesses. The building includes an advanced shared facilities centre‚ with over 250 square metres of clean rooms with class B and C rooms for pharmaceutical production, such as cells and protein cultivation and cell therapy.

We also support starters and growing companies involved in the development, marketing or manufacture of biotechnological medicines, treatment methods and diagnostics in, for example, acquisition. The ultimate goal of Biopartner Center Maastricht is the promotion of life sciences activities. The multi-company building of Biopartner Center Maastricht is situated close to Maastricht UMC+. If you want to know more about the opportunities offered by Biopartner Center Maastricht, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Postal address:
Postbus 1036, 6201 BA Maastricht
Visiting address:
Oxfordlaan 70, 6229 EV Maastricht

W www.bpcm.nl


T 043 – 388 5888

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