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PharmaCell specialises in the cultivation of human cells and tissues, as well as in the manufacture of (bio)pharmaceutical products. PharmaCell is located in the Biopartner Center building in Maastricht, adjacent to university hospital Maastricht. The Company is a state-of-the-art GMP-licensed facility, which means that it supplies certified quality products in line with Good Manufacturing Practice.

PharmaCell is the only company in the Netherlands with an official European licence for registered institutes dealing with tissue. It offers total solutions for pre-clinical and clinical services related to human tissues and cells. PharmaCell is able to store and distribute cells and tissues. We are also able to coordinate the logistics for autologous cell and tissue therapies throughout the European Union. 

Postal address:
Postbus 1331, 6201 BH Maastricht
Visiting address:
Oxfordlaan 70, 6229 EV Maastricht

W www.pharmacell.nl


T 043- 350 9910

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