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Clinical Trial Center Maastricht

What is CTCM?

Since its incorporation in 2005, the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht has been supporting researchers within MUMC+ in all facets of clinical research. It has two separate functions:

The separation of public and private revenue sources. The CTCM manages the entire process from project financing the project from private sources and makes the financial status clear to the researcher. This task is performed by the Account Management Department.

The supply of high-quality, professional services to improve clinical research. The CTCM supplies these substantive services with the goal of increasing the quality and efficiency of clinical research. This task is performed by the Clinical Trial Services Department.

The CTCM is connected to MUMC+ and thus has access to, and knowledge of, the academic world. It is an independent, business organisation that is also engaged in providing commercial services. This unique combination of an academic background and a business culture enables us to bridge the gap between the two worlds. The CTCM supports the researcher with the most suitable solution and Works wit the researcher to build trust on a personal level.

What does the CTCM do?

Account Management
The account managers within the CTCM are your primary point of contact for clinical research. They handle all contractual matters for you, from beginning to end – from contract negotiations to the completion of all financial aspects of a project.

Clinical Trial Services
The team of professionals within Clinical Trial Services are on hand to assist you in the preparation, implementation and completion of your clinical research. They share with you their experience and expertise in a friendly but professional way to ensure that that your research meets quality standards and statutory guidelines. In addition, you will have modern validated systems and tools at your disposal.

Postal adress: Postbus 5800, 6202 AZ Maastricht
Visiting adress: Oxfordlaan 10, 6229 EV Maastricht

W www.ctcm.nl
T  +31 (0)43 – 387 2040


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